"Quiet the mind and the soul will speak." - Buddha

What Clients Have to Say


"Lisa is phenomenal! She's a true pure heart who devotes herself wholly to her art! Massages are amazing, and yoga gives relaxation and peace of mind! I highly recommend her!"

- Hannah R. 

"Lisa is the best yoga instructor! I improved immensely in the few months working with her! She is also an excellent massage therapist!" 

- Holly G. 

"Amazing sports massages :) Although I probably didn't see Lisa as frequently as I should have, her 60 min sessions were fantastic for breaking up "stuck" muscle tissue. If we lived near her, I'd still be going to her. Highly recommended!"

 - Amelia U. 

"For 2 years, Lisa consistently gave me the best massages I've ever had! I wish I still lived close enough to go to her!" 

- Kelly H.

"Lisa was able to help my aching back feel 100% better during my pregnancy. I would go from crying in pain to being able to actually sleep and have relief from the stresses of being pregnant. I would highly recommend Lisa for a massage! She was also able to recommend safe oils to use while pregnant to help with sleep." 

- Megan F. 

"Simply the best!!!! Lisa has helped me on numerous occasions, whether it was a massage or advice with essential oils! I would recommend her time and time again, and I have."

- Amy B.